Hunts Point tenants rally against landlord due to fear of safety

A group of tenants in Hunts Point are rallying together against their landlord amid claims that they fear for their safety in their homes.
Tenants of 710 and 720 Hunts Point Avenue say they're being neglected by their landlord, saying that hallways are being used as restrooms, rats are running rampant, and cigarettes and needles cover the entryway to their building.
Annie Martinez, president of the tenant's association, says enough is enough.
"The apartments are getting worse," said Martinez. "The landlord doesn't do anything at all."
Photos from tenants reveal many of these repeat problems that Martinez says only receive temporary repairs.
Resident Sahoni Marte, who lives on the sixth floor with her daughter, says the newly replaced elevator's habit of going out of service weekly harms her family's quality of life.
"I'm afraid that I am going to fall one day picking up her chair, and then also I have to go back and pick her up, and then falling with her too when she is already special needs," said Marte.
The building currently has 55 violations from the Department of Buildings, and Martinez says in 2022 tenants brought the landlord to court, where he was ordered to make the necessary repairs.
News 12 reached out to 710 Hunts Point Equities for a statement and is awaiting a response.