‘I’m feeling good.’ 4-year-old recovers from rare nerve disease, possibly triggered by COVID-19

One of the Bronx’s tiniest residents headed home from the hospital Friday after recovering from a rare nerve disease that doctors say could have been triggered by COVID-19. 
Mya Martinez, 4,  is back on her feet after two months in and out of the hospital. 
“I’m feeling good, and everybody helped me here,” said Martinez. 
In January, Mya was diagnosed with Miller Fisher Syndrome, a rare nerve condition where your own immune system attacks your body. 
It affects only one to two people per million a year. But, after a stay at Blythedale Children’s Hospital in Westchester County, she’s back on her feet. 
“You sometimes have a preceding illness that triggers it. Over the past couple years, we’re starting to see some people who had COVID as a trigger,” said Chief Medical Officer Scott Klein. 
After rehab at Blythedale, doctors say Mya is expected to make a full recovery.