Interactive art piece moves from Times Square to BX

A busy section of the Bronx is now home to a unique piece of artwork.
The artwork, created by Stereotank, was in Times Square, but can now be spotted at the corner of Webster Avenue and East Fordham Road.
The interactive piece, titled "Heartseat," encourages people to touch it, sit on it and get involved with the artwork. The theme of the piece is repurposing objects.
"It used to be a couple of huge plastic water tanks. So at first sight, you don't realize it," says Marcelo Ertorteguy, the creator of the piece. "We didn't want to trash the whole thing so we decided to turn it to something else, to transform it into another sculpture," says Ertorteguy.
"Heartseat" was presented by the NYC Department of Transportation and will be on display for about a year.