‘It’s like a catastrophic movie.’ Park Slope business’ outdoor dining space completely ravaged from storm

A business owner in Park Slope told News 12 their outdoor dining space was destroyed during Tuesday's storm.
Winemak’Her Bar owner Alexandra Charpentier said her outdoor space went up in the air and splattered all over Fifth Avenue when it went up in the air.
"It’s like a catastrophic movie,” she said. “It’s a joke what is happening."
The wind and heavy downpour got inside Winemak’Her’s terrace shooting it into the air.
Charpentier said she reached out to the New York City Department of Transportation to consider the next steps for her business.
News 12 received a statement from the DOT, which said, “They advised participants of the temporary open restaurant program to secure their setups ahead of the storm."
DOT officials have already stopped by the bar and will be returning on Friday to help clean up, Charpentier says. She acknowledged the repairs will cost her thousands.
"I don't like to ask help from people,” Charpentier said. “But this morning, I say no we need help, so we need help from the DOT, from the community.”
Despite the terrace at Winemak'Her being currently closed, they're still open for business six days a week. The terrace will be back up and running by the summer.