It’s The Bronx showcases local artists under one roof

A new venue in the Bronx is designed to showcase and promote the borough's artistic and creative community under one roof.  
For local entrepreneurs, Union Crossing at 825 East 141st St. in Port Morris is not just an empty warehouse, but a start of something exciting from the ground up.   
The location is the new site of It's The Bronx. 
“It will be occupy the biggest congregation of talent Bronx has ever seen,” says Marco Shalma, of Round Seven Media.
The idea of having one creative space where local artists, musicians, entrepreneurs can showcase their talents to a wider audience was inspired by the success of the Bronx Night Market, an outdoor festival that was held at Fordham Plaza on the last Saturday of each month during the summer and early fall.   
The ground floor of It's The Bronx will showcase mostly art exhibits. The main area several flights up on the seventh floor will feature a music hall, beverage and food vendors as wells as other local entertainment and craftsmanship.         
It’s The Bronx will be held on Jan. 26, Feb. 23 and March 23. 
It is free to the public, but organizers are encouraging those who want to take part to RSVP on the event's website.