Judge: Phony autism therapist must pay $25K to get out of jail

A Stamford Superior Court judge on Friday ordered a phony autism therapist to stay in jail until she comes up with more money to pay back her victims.
Stacy Lore walked into court Friday with $17,000, provided by her parents, but the judge said it's not enough. The judge said he wants $25,000 before he'll consider setting her free.
Lore pretended to be a behavioral therapist, swindling parents of children with autism out of $34,000. In the six years Lore has been out of prison, prosecutors say she's barely paid back her victims, sometimes sending them checks for just $2 or $3 at a time.
Lore is supposed to get married next weekend. Her public defender says he's not sure how fast they can come up with the money.
On Friday, Lore also pleaded guilty to violating her probation.