Keeping the fizz alive: Brooklyn seltzer company dates back 4 generations

Brooklyn Seltzer Boys delivers good, old-fashioned seltzer and has been doing so for decades.
The Gomberg Seltzer Works factory has been around since 1953. That's where Brooklyn Seltzer Boys fill the bottles of seltzer before delivery.
"We are now the last seltzer manufactures of siphon seltzer bottles," says Alex Gomberg. "We don't make the bottles, we refill the historic bottles that have been around for 100 years."
Each seltzer bottle has a different logo from different places.
"We recently, about five years ago, created Brooklyn Seltzer Boys, which is a delivery business of the long-lasting family business," says Gomberg. "The business is now four generations, but now we're giving it a little boost, a little rebrand."