Kingsbridge nursing home workers rally to demand better health care, wages

Workers at Citadel Rehab and Nursing Center at Kingsbridge rallied Monday, calling for better health care, wages, and respect.
They joined nursing home workers from more than 120 facilities across the state who also demonstrated.
Around a dozen workers came out Monday and walked along the sidewalk outside Citadel holding signs that read "Contracts now."
Members of the 1199SEIU Union said that their contract expired on Sept. 30 and they have not received a new one.
"We want... more money in the benefit fund to keep our benefits going so we could go to the doctor, pension to take care of our children, and the raise we need to get," said Helen Duncan, who has worked at Citadel for 35 years.
Union members said they will be continuing their vote on whether to send their employer a 10-day notice to strike if their demands are not met.
Duncan said she hopes the conflict is not elevated to that level.