Kingsbridge residents want more safety measures for street near new library

Neighbors in Kingsbridge say they are concerned about a busy street near a new library.
The library was built in the summer of 2019 on Cannon Place. Some residents say cars travel way too fast through the area and something needs to be done.
"I don't know if a stop sign here will work," says Miledy Infante. "I think they need to do a crosswalk to make it safer for the kids to get over, and a speed bump so the cars can reduce their speed as they are coming to the entrance of the library."
Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. says he has reached out to the Department of Transportation and requested a review of the area.
The DOT responded saying in part: "With regards to the area immediately around 3882 Cannon Place, DOT studied this location for speed bumps and an all-way stop sign in recent years but the location was found not feasible."