Kingsbridge elementary school closes due to COVID-19 outbreak

Reports showed a statement that had been posted on the school’s website saying at least four cases were detected in four different classrooms.

News 12 Staff

Dec 3, 2021, 12:51 PM

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Administrators at P.S. 207 in the Bronx sent out an email to parents Thursday night to notify them about the closure. They say they believe the reason for the outbreak is transmission between siblings in different classes. 
The school will remain closed through Saturday, Dec. 11. Students and staff will be allowed to return to the building Monday, Dec. 13.  
The parent of a student in one of those classes tells News 12 that this has changed the lives of all of the parents. 
“Some of us have to go to work, change our schedule,” says Jecely Velez. “My daughter's in kindergarten. Some of them don't understand about being remote all day from 8 a.m. to two o'clock."
News of the school’s closure comes hours after Gov. Kathy Hochul confirmed the four out of five cases of the omicron variant in New York City – two in Queens, one in Brooklyn and another elsewhere in the five boroughs. 
The Department of Education says P.S. 207 is one of only four schools to close because of COVID this year. However, city data shows that only 40% of children in the Bronx and only 38% in Brooklyn have received their first dose of the vaccine.
Doctors say with the omicron variant showing troubling signs now is the time to get your kids vaccinated.
Dr. Ninad Desai says, "One child is too many. There is some indication that children do get easily infected with this variant."
Doctors say it's important for health care workers to continue to listen to the concerns of parents who may still be hesitant.
DOE officials say students at P.S. 207 should be provided equipment to use for remote learning and can pick up a device from the school.

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