Legionnella scare strikes fear in Melrose Houses residents

Hot water has been restored to 681 Courtlant Ave. at the Melrose Houses Friday after it tested positive for Legionnella bacteria.
Four residents of the Melrose Houses were infected with Legionnaires' disease this year after the bacteria was found in the water supply. Health officials say the water is now safe to drink, but are still trying to determine the source of the bacteria.
New York City Housing Department crews have been installing water filters to faucets and shower heads of about 109 apartments. A water ionization system was also installed and activated.
Despite city efforts to eliminate the Legionnella bacteria from the complex' water system, tenants say they are still fearful.
Many say they continue to wash themselves with baby wipes even after their water was restored last night.
Some residents told News 12 that many of the filters that were installed are broken and for the filters that do work, the little amount of water they receive is not enough to shower with.
Overall, tenants say they are thankful that officials took the necessary steps to fix the problem and hope that they can ensure the safety of everyone in the future.
The health department is still waiting for the results of other buildings tested at the Melrose Houses.