Lehman College students raise awareness about composting with pumpkin toss

Students at the Lehman College Bedford Park Campus tossed loads of old pumpkins to raise awareness about the importance of food composting.
"It comprises about 24% of the municipal waste stream in New York City. When it's part of the municipal waste stream, it ends up in a landfill and it doesn't break down as readily," said Ilona Linens, of the Lehman College Sustainability Council.
The pumpkins came from the New York Botanical Garden.
Students have been smashing pumpkins on campus for the past seven years. It's a tradition that many students and staff hope to continue for years to come.
Lehman College student Kenya Mighty said, "It's awesome that we're still remaking. That's the whole purpose. When something gets destroyed, it can be returned and that's what composting is."