Lehman H.S. officials want to stop false fire alarms

Officials at the Herbert H. Lehman High School's campus are trying to stop an alarming trend of false fire alarms.
Administrators say emergency alarms in Westchester Square are being pulled at the high school by students who are up to no good.
A store surveillance camera captured students from the Hebert Lehman campus kicking and punching a person and each other after a school fire alarm was intentionally set off.
Students say some of their fellow peers are deliberately pulling fire alarms to either get out of school or arrange gang-related fights off campus.
Local shop owners say throngs of students who don't go back to class end up roaming the streets, getting into fights and loitering in front stores. Some shops have even been forced to close during the fake fire drills.
The city's Department of Education says the campus principals have worked closely with the FDNY, NYPD and the DOE's safety office on and around the campus, which are continuing to provide additional support to the school.