'Letter to the President' video offers take on state of affairs through Bronx lens

A forthcoming music video that was made in the Bronx offers a take on the current state of America through the lens of the borough.
The Community Board Athletic Leadership League is set to release the music video for a song titled "Letter to the President." It was made by Bronx musicians, filmed in the Bronx, by a director in the Bronx, and it focuses on youths from the Bronx.
Creators say the song is letters from young people in the borough expressing how they feel about the current state of affairs in America and how it's directly affecting them.
"It's very powerful to hear some of the words that they putting together and feeling behind it because again you wouldn't think sometimes the third-, fourth- or fifth-grader would say stuff so powerful talking about social and political issues," says CBALL founder Sleep Johnson. "They watch the news and they know that things are not going on right in this country and it definitely trickles down and it affects our community and our people."
The cast and crew behind the video are hoping that it will go viral. They plan to release it by the end of March.