LGBTQ march and rally held on Grand Concourse

LGBTQ pride was in full force Friday as hundreds marched through the South Bronx to kick off gay pride events happening all across the city.
"Pride in the Bronx hasn't been done for many, many years. And now, when it's finally done, I'm glad we got the turnout. We need the support of our allies and everything," said Khawon Linton, who took part in the celebration.
Friday's march and rally, sponsored by Boom!Health, symbolized the beginning of a month of festivities. Hundreds came out flashing signs and wearing rainbow flags, hoping to encourage others to join in their cause.
"This is so significant because there's a lot of gay people in the Bronx who don't want to come out of the closet," said Humphrey Ortiz, of Boom!Health.
The 15-block march up the Grand Concourse culminated at Bronx Borough Hall. Performances, face paintings and more took place in front one of the most significant landmarks of the Bronx. Participants hope that it will help spread tolerance in a community not known to welcome those who are in the LGBTQ community.
"We're the only ones - for some reason or another - who can't get their act together. But people are now showing up. I am very proud of this group today and I'm very proud of the parade," said Ortiz.
There will be a host of gay pride activities happening in the Bronx and throughout the city during the month of June.