Local pizzeria swarmed with customers after social media star Keith Lee gives rave review

A now-viral food review has put one Bronx pizza shop on the map, bringing in crowds of customers from open ‘til close. 
Bruckner Pizza celebrated its second anniversary last month, but after this week things have been different for the restaurant.  
Social media sensation and food reviewer Keith Lee made his way to New York City and on Monday night posted his review of Bruckner Pizza, giving it his stamp of approval. Lee raves over the pizzeria’s pernil slice, giving it his highest rating for pizza yet – a nine out of 10.  
By Tuesday morning, business at Bruckner Pizza had already ramped up, and on Friday the staff was working extra hard to make sure no customer left hungry.  
“Since he came on Monday night, everything has changed,” said co-owner Oscar Amaro. “The Keith Effect is real!”  
Bruckner Pizza says they’re committed to the community and grateful for the spike in business that Keith Lee’s viral review has given them.