Longwood apartment residents spend Thanksgiving with no cooking gas

Residents in Longwood are banding together after they say they have been without cooking gas for three months.

News 12 Staff

Nov 24, 2023, 10:49 PM

Updated 213 days ago


Residents who live at 796 East 163rd St. say a gas leak has left the entire building without heat, hot water and gas since August.
On Tuesday, residents were granted some relief when the heat and hot water was restored. However, they were still not able to cook a homemade meal for Thanksgiving.
"Thanksgiving was yesterday, we had to take everyone to the family's house because I can't cook, I've been miserable," said Ahoua Kante.
Kante lives at the building with her seven children. She says she has been relying on a microwave and take out in order to feed her family.
The residential apartment building is managed by Wavecrest Management. They have posted signs throughout the building that they will be contacting residents to schedule appointments to restore their cooking gas after the holiday.
"Just received notice that heat and hot water have been restored to all apartments. In order to restore cooking gas, management needs access to all apartments and notices were distributed to all residents this evening. Appointments will be scheduled with all apartments after the holiday to restore cooking gas," a spokesperson said for Wavecrest Management.
In the meantime, residents were given hot plates and electric heaters.
"The hot plate blew out both of my outlets, both of my outlets in the kitchen. I've had to put my microwave in the living room. The hot plate was broken on one side, only one side turned on. I have to feed seven kids," said Kante.
Other residents joined together and signed a letter to send to management as they feel their access to basic necessities was ignored for several months.
"You know just inform us what's going on. It would be okay if they stepped by stepped us, but they didn't do anything. Nobody came and talked to us but one time," said Tonia Singleton.
Con Edison says they have restored gas to the building as of Nov. 22.

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