Man climbs into large hole in Brooklyn sidewalk for TikTok video, infuriates neighbors

A man who found a large hole in a Brooklyn sidewalk climbed down into it to make TikTok videos - and now neighbors say they are infuriated. 
Danny Wolverton is a magician and performance artist who is not afraid to be extra. 
His latest project has received a lot of attention, both good and bad. After he found a random sinkhole in July, he climbed down to explore it and started filming TikTok videos. 
Now, his antics have drawn millions of views. The debacle caused the city to seal the hole last week, but many neighbors are irritated by his joke. 
When News 12 showed up, residents were angry and demanded that we leave. Many say he’s been exploiting an already existing problem. 
They’ve even called the authorities. Some of their concerns are that the hole will get worse and that he will scare the rodents out, or that kids will want to copy him. 
Some also tell News 12 they asked him to stop repeatedly and that he’s ignored them. 
A spokesperson for the Department of Transportation tells News 12, “We remind all New Yorkers, even the mole people, that it is dangerous to crawl under the sidewalk.” 
News 12 has also reached out to Community Board 3 and has not heard back yet.