Man dies after receiving vaccination at Javits Center; doctor says initial indications show no allergic reaction

Health officials say the man who died exhibited no adverse reactions during observation.

News 12 Staff

Feb 9, 2021, 10:37 PM

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The New York state Department of Health reported that a man collapsed and died Sunday morning about 25 minutes after receiving the coronavirus vaccine at the Javits Center. 
However, the health commissioner says initial indications are that the man, whose name has not yet been released, did not have an allergic reaction. 
"The benefits of this vaccine far outweigh any potential risks,” said Dr. Rossi Hassad, “He was observed for 15 minutes following the vaccine, which is the required protocol."
Hassad added that the most severe reactions will occur in that time period. 
Health officials say the man who died exhibited no adverse reactions during observation. 
"Their death might be linked to the vaccine because of the proximity, but it’s a coincidence - it’s not a causal connection,” said Hassad. 
Dr. Hassad said he understands some people may be concerned but says there are no known negative outcomes and those allergic reactions to the vaccine are rare.
"This is a very safe and very effective vaccine...Vaccines do not kill, not having vaccines kill," said Hassad.
He says that if anyone has concerns, they should consult with their doctor--especially if they’ve had severe allergic reactions to vaccines in the past. 
He says some people may experience a fever, aches and headaches afterward, which is completely normal. 
"Mild vaccine reactions you get which are indicators that your immune system is responding appropriately,” said Hassad.

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