Marble Hill tenant decries deplorable conditions

A NYCHA tenant says she's been coping with deplorable conditions for months with no action from the Housing Authority.
Single mother Renell Glover says she woke up one day in November to find steam coming out of the kitchen wall in her Marble Hill Houses apartment. The fire department had to cut a whole to access the source. Since then, she says mice and cockroaches have been finding their way in.
To make matters worse, whenever she turns on the bathtub faucet, she says it causes the water to come up in the tub and fill it, causing severe flooding in her apartment.
"I have really no more clothes to even soak up all the water that comes out," Glover says.
The conditions were so bad that she couldn't host Thanksgiving in her home. She says despite all the work orders she has put in, she only got broken promises from NYCHA.
The mother of three hoped something would be done soon, because when her daughter returns from college in Buffalo, she doesn't want to stay at home. She says it's the same with her son when he comes home from serving in the army.
"You know, this type of behavior from housing really saddens me," Glover says.
NYCHA told News 12 that staff responded to clear a stoppage in the bathtub and sink. They say there was no leak reported from staff who inspected the apartment above.
The authority adds that any residents experiencing issues should create a work ticket by using the MyNYCHA app or by calling the Customer Contact Center at 718-707-7771.