Mario Ocasio family asks police for answers

The family of the man who died after a police encounter in University Heights on Monday made a personal appeal to police Friday, asking what happened.
Mario Ocasio died after a police encounter during which an officer used a stun gun to subdue him while he was allegedly lunging with scissors. News 12 previously reported that emergency responders also injected him with drugs designed to reverse the effects of heroin, but he later died at the hospital.
On Friday members of Ocasio's family entered the 52nd Precinct building and asked police to explain his death.
"He did not deserve any of this," said Nathan Cruz, Ocasio's nephew. "You know they should've been able to detain him properly. That's what should have been done but no, they don't know how to detain people and now we're trying to find answers and we're given the runaround."
The NYPD is investigating the matter.