Massive billboard photo taken by Bronx photographer celebrates borough

A massive billboard above the Third Avenue Bridge in Port Morris is celebrating the Bronx.
The billboard is part of a new campaign from AT&T, and the image was taken by Bronx photographer Edgar Santana.
“I captured it with my cellphone, and little did I know three years later it would be on a billboard in my home borough,” says Santana.
The iPhone picture shows a hot summer day at Orchard Beach with the Puerto Rican flag waving in the middle of the shot.

AT&T found the picture by scrolling through Instagram hashtags, and the company reached out after coming across Santana’s picture.

“Being a Bronx native, my photo is in my home borough, so many people see this daily and it's extremely humbling,” says Santana.

Santana says the campaign is more than just a picture for him.

“I want people to see that the Bronx is not just about negative stereotypes. I want people to see that the Bronx is fun. I want people to see that again, the flag, the beach. The Bronx is something that people need to visit, need to understand that the Bronx is not all about negativity. There's a lot of positivity in the borough,” he says.

AT&T purchased another Bronx photograph from Santana - that campaign should be coming out soon.