Mayor Adams announces NYC’s fiscal budget for 2023, prioritizes public safety

In his speech, Adams emphasized he will boost public safety but at the same time said the NYPD budget would not necessarily increase, but rather it will stay flat.

News 12 Staff

Feb 17, 2022, 1:28 AM

Updated 824 days ago


New York City Mayor Eric Adams rolled out the 2023 $98.5 billion fiscal budget Wednesday and emphasized his No. 1 priority is public safety.
In his speech, Adams emphasized the budget including in one way or another how he will utilize funding to improve crime citywide. He says it starts with a better deployment of resources city agencies can provide.
"We are going to look at who we have," Adams said. "Why do I have police officers sitting doing clerical duties? Once we bring officers back to patrol we can see how many officers we need, better deployment with manpower."
The number of officers out physically patrolling is just one thing Adams hopes to change,  adding it's his goal is to boost public safety but to do so without costing taxpayers more out of pocket. He says the NYPD budget specifically will not necessarily be getting a bump up but, will rather stay flat.
Cracking down on stopping violence is was also in Adams' agenda. He said he will ensure we have enough officers keeping the city safe. In recent months, gun violence has skyrocketed, and in an effort to combat it Adams hosted a roundtable discussion with local gun violence programs weeks ago to weigh in on resources necessary to make changes.
"When we don't have things like jobs, good schools, resources, those basic needs that's when you see things like violence start brewing," said Carjah Dawkins-Hamilton, the Executive Program Director of "Stand up to Violence" Program at Jacobi Medical Center.     
Along with mental health, Adams says he plans on allocating money to fund new police technology he believes could be helpful when fighting crime.

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