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Mayor Adams orders city agencies to slash budgets, announces $5.5 billion contract for NYPD

Mayor Eric Adams says the $5.5 billion agreement with the NYPD is to boost much-needed public safety.

News 12 Staff

Apr 6, 2023, 4:28 PM

Updated 440 days ago


Mayor Eric Adams has ordered all city agencies to slash their budgets by 4% while announcing a $5.5 billion tentative contract agreement with the NYPD.
The new eight-year contract with retroactive raises will offer pay increases that will amount to a 25% pay hike for 23,000 officers. That means officers could get paid as much as $131,000 per year.
The mayor says the boost is much-needed since everything revolves around public safety.
All other city agencies must present budget cuts for the coming fiscal year starting in July.
The Department of Education is the only agency slashing 3%, and the mayor says the cuts are due to the cost of the migrant crisis.

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