Mayor, elected officials help paint Black Lives Matter mural on Morris Avenue

The Bronx is now the fourth borough to have a Black Lives Matter mural. 
The new mural sits outside the Bronx Hall of Justice. Elected officials and community members grabbed buckets of paint and brushes while getting to work on the gigantic mural on Morris Avenue between 161st and 162 streets. 
The first street mural made headlines in Washington, D.C. when the community painted a mural leading up to the White House. 
Mayor Bill de Blasio helped paint the letter B on Wednesday and also announced the signing of new legislation, which includes what he calls a set of police reforms. 
Those reforms include the banning of chokeholds and protecting the rights of citizens to record police activity. 
The community agreed that this is a step in the right direction but that it can’t stop there and that the reform must continue.