Mayor hosts Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony at Jewish Heritage Museum

Holocaust Remembrance Day is this Saturday, and on Thursday Mayor Eric Adams was at the Jewish Heritage Museum to host the city's remembrance ceremony. 
The event's main focus is to remember the victims of the Holocaust, but Adams took the opportunity to address the conflict taking place in Israel and Gaza and how it has impacted the many communities in New York City. 
"There is a normalization of of hatred, and it is becoming so pervasive and people are becoming so comfortable with it, we are seeing it in our schools of academia, our colleges, we're seeing it in classrooms, we're seeing it as we walk the streets," said Mayor Adams. "People are comfortable with protesting and having symbols of hate and spewing out hate. We must push back on that."
Holocaust Remembrance Day takes place on Jan. 27 every year. It marks the day when the infamous death camp Auschwitz was liberated in 1945.