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McDonald’s awards Brooklyn resident $20,000 grant for community leadership

Aaliyah Duah received a grant from the McDonald's 2023 Black and Positively Golden Change Leaders program for her work in helping people of all ages learn financial literacy.

News 12 Staff

Feb 16, 2023, 11:12 PM

Updated 518 days ago


McDonald’s has unveiled its 2023 Black and Positively Golden Change Leaders, a campaign that selected 10 people who are making a positive impact on their community.  
One of the 10 people chosen is Brooklyn resident Aaliyah Duah, who is teaching financial literacy to help create success and generational wealth across the Black community and in New York City.  
“I just started talking amongst my friends about financial literacy and the things that we wanted to see in our future,” said Duah. “But then I said no, my friends can’t just hear this, the world has to hear this.” 
Duah founded Financial Revolutionn, a social media platform that helps teach financial literacy and smart economic practices.  
“I think a lot of times when you think of Black justice and reform… you never hear that when it comes to wealth and economics,” said Duah. “I wanted to be that person who starts that movement, especially amongst my generation.” 
McDonald’s named Duah a 2023 Change Leader to commemorate her leadership. The Change Leader program provides each of the 10 selected difference-makers with a $20,000 grant to help improve and spread their missions.  
Duah hopes that with these newfound funds, she can continue to share her knowledge not only online, but also in schools across New York City, connecting the future generations to important financial literacy lessons.  
Financial Revolutionn plans to use the grant to invest in real estate, podcasting equipment and a nonprofit that will help her do more hands-on work in the community. 

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