Mineola restaurant requiring vaccination for patrons, workers

A restaurant in Mineola is saying, "no shot, no service" for all patrons and workers over concerns about the delta variant.
Vincent Minutella, owner of the Black Sheep Ale House on Roslyn Road and Second Street, says the decision to make the restaurant for vaccinated customers only was not a business decision. He says it was a health and safety decision.
"My assumption is that it's going to hurt business," says Minutella. "It's meant to protect my customers and my staff and myself from something that has been a living hell for the past, you know, almost two years."
Minutella's decision to only allow vaccinated people inside, follows his previous decision mandating the vaccine for his employees and comes before New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. The mayor announced Tuesday that soon only the vaccinated will be allowed into places for indoor dining, gyms and indoor entertainment venues.
News 12 asked Nassau County Executive Laura Curran if she has any plans to implement mandates like the mayor. Curran says, "I trust our business owners to make the right policies for their customers and for their employees."
Minutella says as a business owner he knows he can't do anything about the rise in COVD-19 cases, but he can be proactive and control what goes on inside his business.
Minutella says he doesn't want to see a vaccine mandate by the county. He says he would rather people who are eligible get vaccinated.