Mini-museum at Brooklyn Public Library explores history, challenges of health care

A new mini-museum at the Brooklyn Public Library is exploring the foundation of health care and the challenges to sometimes receiving it. 
MICRO is an organization that creates mini-museums and brings them to public spaces in hopes of engaging the community in conversation about science and the world. The “Museum of Care” explores the challenges plaguing the health care system, while also highlighting the skills it takes to provide care today. 
"It tells the story of our relationship with health care from the beginning of society to today, and how that relates to things like our human connection with each other, our responsibilities to each other,” said Amanda Schockett, Founder of MICRO.
The museum is part of an initiative with the Brooklyn Public Library’s Community Health Program, to improve health literacy for library-goers. 
"It's important that we're cognizant that our patrons may not always put their health at the forefront, and so it makes sense that given that the library is a community hub, that we offer the services to keep them healthy as well,” said Sarah Montrichard-Ramon Cabrera from the Brooklyn Public Library. 
The museum will be at the Brooklyn Public Library Prospect Heights location until the end of the month, but it’s also going on a five-borough tour. Its next stop will be the Riverside Branch in Manhattan.