Minimum wage increase, tenant rights changes among new laws going into effect for NYS on New Year's Day

The new laws include increases in pay and protections for freelancers and tenants. 

Katelynn Ulrich

Jan 1, 2024, 10:54 PM

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New laws went into effect in New York state on New Year's Day.
The new laws include increases in pay and protections for freelancers and tenants. 
There are some tenant rights changes for NYCHA residents which will require the authority to notify residents within 24 hours if their water is safe to use for cooking or drinking if there are any problems. It's important to note the notification will come in writing so residents are encouraged to check that mail.
Starting Monday, minimum wage in the city, Westchester County and Long Island went up to $16 per hour. For the rest of the state, it is $15 per hour. There are more changes to come with minimum pay in the next few years.
"And then we'll be increasing by 50 cents in the next two years and then starting in 2027 we'll starting indexing for CPI or [also known as] inflation," said State Assembly Member Kenny Burgos. 
Another law in effect requires written contracts, timely and complete pay, and protections from employer retaliation and discrimination for freelance workers. "The fact that this is now in the law is just a way of guaranteeing that people do the right thing and pay people the value of their work," said State Sen. Andrew Gounardes.
That law applies to workers being paid at least $800 for their work.
As for the minimum wage increase, employees who don't see that increase in their paychecks are encouraged to file a wage complaint with the Department of Labor.
You can find more information on how to file a complaint here

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