Mitchell Houses center of controversy in elevator safety for public housing

Residents living at the Mitchell Houses in Mott Haven are calling on the city for help with unreliable elevators in the building.
Councilman Ritchie Torres sent a letter to the NYCHA Federal Monitor asking for the launch of an investigation into the lack of elevator safety in public housing.
The Mitchell Houses are at the center of the controversy.
NYCHA statistics show it had the highest number of outages in the city for an average of 22 hours.
In a statement NYCHA told News 12,"We know how vital reliable elevator service is for our residents. NYCHA remains committed to improve elevator service and has been implementing various changes and enhancements, including collaborating with the federal monitor and developing an elevator action plan in accordance with our recent agreement with HUD."
NYCHA added that they have nearly $32 billion in funding to address building and elevator issues.
NYCHA says building and elevator work at the Mitchell Houses are estimated to cost $16 million.