Mother worries for son with autism and asthma as parts of Brevoort Houses apartment fall apart

Tiffane Reed says that the recent deterioration of her home has created health hazards for her kids.

Julio Avila and

News 12 Staff

Aug 15, 2023, 9:48 PM

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A concerned mother living in her Brevoort Houses apartment since January describes her situation as a nightmare and says parts of her apartment are falling apart.
Tiffane Reed says that the recent deterioration of her home has created health hazards for her kids with breathing problems, including one who has both autism and asthma. 
"The whole six months that I've been living here, it's been a mess,” Reed says. "Both of my kids have chronic illnesses when it comes to breathing, so they've been coughing, and I believe it's coming from the paint chippings on the wall." 
Some of that mess can be seen where parts of ceilings and walls break off onto the floor and cabinets have fallen. 
"I have paint chippings all over my floor, I'm sweeping them up every day," says Reed. "The cabinet was leaning against my refrigerator and then a couple of days later, the bottom fell... I can't have this in the house." 
In the bathroom, painter's tape covers up spots where pieces of wall broke off. When the shower is turned on, Reed says hot water can be felt even after moving the handle around to cold - another big issue for her kids. 
Reed says she's reported issues to the New York City Housing Authority. Some tickets News 12 found online show services dated three months from now in November to paint and plaster the bathroom walls. Another ticket shows the replacement of her cabinet slated for December. 
"Towards the end of the year. How is that fair to me and my family?” Reed says.  "That's not right." 
News 12 counted five tickets that were closed. 
News 12 received a statement from NYCHA explaining the situation in Reed's apartment: 
“NYCHA dispatched plumbers to the affected apartment today to address an issue that is damaging the walls in the unit. Plasterers will be visiting the apartment tomorrow, and painters and carpenters are currently scheduled for additional repairs." 

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