Mott Haven neighbors rally at City Hall over plan for new jail

Members of the Mott Haven community are voicing opposition to a plan that would bring a jail to their area as the city looks to replace Rikers Island.
Neighbors from Mott Haven gathered with Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. for a rally Sunday on the steps of City Hall. It marked one of many rallies they have held over the past year.
Residents want the city to stop certification of the uniform land use review procedure, or ULURP, for the site on Concord Avenue.
Diaz Jr. says he wants Rikers to be shut down, but doesn't think that the proposed site is the best pick for a new jail.
In the past, the city has said the Mott Haven site is being proposed because it is city-owned land that is close to courts and public transportation, with sufficient space.
But Diaz believes it would be better suited near the Bronx Hall of Justice and Family Court.
"The best way, the most efficient way to be able to deal with the criminal justice system in the best, efficient way possible is to have these jails connected to the courthouse," he said.
Neighbors are also upset because they claim the community was not consulted.
The process is expected to begin Monday, with construction planed for 2021.