Mott Haven NYCHA complex goes weeks without mail service due to leaks

Residents at a NYCHA complex say they have been unable to receive mail for weeks due to a leak in their building.
Water is inside mailboxes, dripping down walls and pooling on the floor in the Milbrook Houses, leaving a strong mold smell. Residents say it has been like this for almost two months, with the post office stopping service two weeks ago.
Now, they are forced to walk several blocks to pick up their mail, which they can only get during a one-hour time frame each day. They say work, school and other obligations make the short hours unreasonable. Nearly 150 apartments lacking service also makes for long lines, they say.
The U.S. Postal Service says they will resume service once leaks in the building's mailbox area are fixed.
NYCHA staff posted signs Friday, stating they are working on the problem. Representatives say the issues stem for a heating coil with a steam leak.
Residents say they will keep fighting and doing whatever it takes to get serviced restored.