Mount Eden tenants say building’s leaky lobby issues growing in size

Tenants in Mount Eden are fed up with a leaky lobby in their building that has not been addressed, among other issues. 
A tenant sent a video to News 12 on Sunday, showcasing the massive hole in the ceiling of the lobby that tenants say has caused a major leak. The tenant who sent the video says the leak began in December. Exposed pipes still remain visible from the hole in the ceiling. 
The building in question, located on Shakespeare Avenue, is managed by Highbridge Community Development.  
News 12 spoke to the management company, and they say they fixed the major leak in the lobby. Despite the fix, a gaping hole still sits in the ceiling that greets tenants when they walk in the building – and tenants say there are many other issues at hand.  
Residents say they’ve been dealing with cracked tiles in their homes, broken mailboxes leading to stolen mail and more.  
Tenants say that even after filing multiple 311 complaints and going to housing court, their problems remain unsolved.  
“I've been stressing about, especially the safety of my children, the smells, the gas, and all this stuff,” said tenant Christina. “There is nothing being done, I want them to take everyone out, fix it or relocate us." 
The property manager tells News 12 that they will be sending the building’s manager on Monday to inspect the issues in the common spaces.