MTA considers extending Bx29 bus service

The MTA is considering an initiative that would extend hours on the Bx29 City Island bus.
The agency is looking into increasing service for the bus past midnight on weekdays and 1 a.m. on weekends.
The push to get late-night bus service on City Island drew further demand from residents after a 27-year-old employee from Sammy's Shrimp Box restaurant was hit and killed by a car on her way home from work in October.
In a statement on the matter, Sen. Jeffrey Klein said in part that "many businesses are opened beyond the hours of bus service and with dimly-lit streets, pedestrians and cyclists who have no other transportation options are being put in harm's way."
The City Island Civic Association is working to get MTA officials to attend its meeting to further discuss the need for overnight service.
There is currently no timetable on when the MTA will decide to extend the bus line's hours or not.