MTA fare hikes loom ahead of vote next month

The MTA says fares that will not be affected by this potential price hike will for senior citizens, disabled riders, student-reduced rides and

News 12 Staff

Jun 27, 2023, 12:46 AM

Updated 336 days ago


A possible hike in MTA fares may be on the horizon, and the MTA held a public hearing session Monday on the proposed price increase.  
A previous proposal was made in May to increase the fare of a base fare MetroCard ticket from $2.75 to $2.90. This would mark the first fare increase in nearly four years.  On the MTA’s website, it states that a large share of the agency’s operating revenue comes in the form of fares, and that during the COVID-19 pandemic when ridership dropped, the agency received aid from the federal government to cover the gap, but that money is quickly running out.   Unlimited ride plans may also see price increases. The proposal said seven-day unlimited ride passes would increase from $33 to $34, the seven-day Express Bus Plus Pass would go up from $62 to $64, and the 30-day unlimited ride MetroCard will go from $127 to $132.  
According to the MTA, the only fares that will not be affected by this potential price hike will be that of senior citizens, disabled riders, student-reduced rides and Access-A-Ride. 
Danny Pearlstein, communications director for the Riders Alliance, says fares should be sliced in half for those who can’t afford the program.  
The fares are not official yet, but the MTA is expected to make a final decision in July. If the agency decides to increase fares, New Yorkers can expect to see it implemented by Labor Day. 

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