MTA: Loose bolts, track mismatch caused F train derailment

The MTA updated New Yorkers on Monday about why an F train derailed in Coney Island earlier this month.
A northbound F train with 37 people on board ran off the tracks while entering the Neptune Avenue subway station on Jan. 10. No one was injured, but New York City Transit Authority president Richard Davey weighed in on the multiple factors that contributed to the derailment.
“…confluence of different events; one was loose or missing bolts on the radial arm of the track on the fourth car,” said Davey. “Coupled up with that, a track non-conformity in this vicinity. If both conditions were independent of one another, it would have not caused a derailment, but because both conditions existed, that’s what caused this.”
The MTA says that an investigation uncovered 103 mismatch conformities on subway tracks. All but four have since been fixed, and the National Transportation Safety Board is continuing their investigation.