MTA police: 2 in custody in connection to Manhasset LIRR station stabbing

Two people are under arrest following a stabbing at the Manhasset Long Island Rail Road station Friday.
MTA police say the stabbing involved two suspects and one victim who knew each other.
“All of the sudden we kind of heard yelling upstairs and we went upstairs to see what happened, and we just saw two guys fight,” said William Tseng of Manhasset, as he and his friend Seam Lim witnessed the stabbing in the train station’s waiting room just before 4 p.m.
Tseng and Lim say they saw one of the attackers run from the scene, leaving the victim behind with a bloodied hand.
“It was scary because the victim came right next to me and we saw the blood,” Lim said.
The sight of crime scene tape and police cars rattled commuters, including Jillian Gothelf. She says she's lived in Manhasset for 22 years and never saw anything like this in her hometown.
“I wonder what their intentions were and if this was just to rob someone of their money or to hurt someone intentionally,” Gothelf said. “It's very scary to think that that is going on here on Long Island, in Nassau County.”
Tseng says the stabbing serves as a wake-up call.
“Makes me feel more, I guess, I should be more cautious,” Tseng said.
The victim was taken to a nearby hospital with a hand injury.
MTA police say two people were taken into custody.
Police have not released information about a motive for the stabbing.