MTA rolls out new measure to prevent subway fare evasion

The MTA says it is taking a major step toward preventing fare evasion in the subways by delaying the emergency gates opening at three stations.
MTA officials say that emergency gates at three stations, including at 3rd Ave-138th St. in the Bronx, will have 15-second delays on the doors. When someone pushes the door, it won’t automatically open – commuters will need to wait the 15 seconds before that door opens.
Riders will sometimes use the emergency gates to exit the subway, and when the gate is open, new passengers slip through without having to swipe, passing through what the MTA refers to as the “fare evasion superhighway.”
They say they hope the 15-second delay will frustrate those using the emergency exit for convenience and not in an emergency – but some riders are worried about how this could impact safety during an emergency.
“Say someone needs to get out, say someone's getting chased down and they're about to be mugged or something and they got to get out,” said subway rider Stanley. “Or what if they got a baby carriage or they're in a wheelchair?"
There’s no word on if these 15-second delays at the gates will become a widespread practice across the city’s subway stations.