MTA to get rid of paper bus schedules

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is scrapping its paper bus schedules.
Assemblymen Jeffrey Dinowitz and Andrew Cohen are part of a group of city leaders opposed to the elimination of printed city bus schedules.
The MTA is getting rid of the printed time displays at all of its city bus stops. It says the move will save $550,000 a year.
However, a 2015 report from the city's Department of Consumer Affairs found that 40% of people over the age of 60 and 15% of people with incomes under $31,200 do not have smartphones.
The MTA released a statement saying, "Moving to paperless schedules helps reduce our paper waste and makes the most of new technology that puts real-time information in customers' hands whenever they need it. The $550,000 in recurring annual savings from this initiative allows NYC Transit to redirect our resources to maintaining bus service levels."