Nail salon workers rally in Manhattan to demand fair wages, safer working conditions

Nail salon workers gathered in Manhattan today to demand fair wages and safer working conditions.
The nail salon workers in Zucotti Park said they have had enough. They are pushing for legislation that would raise wages and improve health and safety standards at salons across New York.
The legislation they are pushing is called the Nail Salon Minimum Standards Council Act. It would create a board of nail salon workers, small business owners and state officials to put into place industrywide wage, safety and workplace standards.
Legislators say the city's nail salon workers are forced to endure dangerous working conditions, low pay and exploitation. This act would give workers a seat at the table alongside politicians to create a new baseline for pay and safety.
The legislation was introduced to the New York State Assembly in January, and that is exactly where it still stands today. People at the rally would like to see it passed soon.