National Faith and Blue Weekend aims to strengthen police-community relations

The NYPD took part Saturday in what they call the largest police-community outreach effort in history across the city.
In East Flatbush, NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea walked the streets of the community without his uniform on surrounded local faith leaders.
"People need to see and feel and touch as well, and this is where you really take the pulse of the community. The way we get past what we're seeing right now, particularly with the gun violence, is everyone working together," Shea said.
That's exactly the goal of National Faith and Blue Weekend, with over 2,000 events across 47 states, authorities hope to use faith and community groups to build bridges between law enforcement and residents to result in safer places to live.
"The fact that we have people from the community with us, walking along Church Avenue with us, it shows that camaraderie, it shows that partnership," said 67th Precinct Commanding Officer Gaby Celiba.
The interactions with law enforcement may have been quick, but some residents said they still made an impact.
The NYPD and other faith leaders will be doing more events like the one in East Flatbush over the next couple days. They will feature sports, picnics, and vigils for a total of 101 events.