Neighboring businesses in Co-op City reopen after wind turbine collapse

Businesses in Co-op City reopened their doors Thursday following a wind turbine collapse on Monday.
Parents expressed concern that the collapse happened just a block from the mall and near where kids walk home from school.
"There's buses, cars and trucks right off a major highway. Kids, people shopping, so if they try again they should have more reinforcements for it," said resident Darrell Morrison.
The turbine was being installed to supply energy to the area, but some residents tell News 12 they've expressed concerns to local leaders about its construction.
Sen. Jamaal Bailey has spoken against the project saying he hopes the owner of the turbine realizes Co-op City is no place for this type of structure.
Councilman Andy King says he is very angry and disappointed.
News 12 reached out to Baychester Retail Three LLC, which is listed as owning the turbine but has not heard back yet.