Neighbors call on city to buy dilapidated Riverdale street

Riverdale residents say they're dealing with a growing health and safety hazard on Old Albany Post Road.
They say the problem began when the sewer clogged. The owner of a neighboring building then built levies to prevent rain and mud from cascading onto the property.
That, in turn, caused soil erosion and high water levels to rise. Residents now say the problem is worsening - there's a live gas line under the water, the storm drain is clogged, and pedestrians and vehicles can barely pass through. The neighbors also say mice and mosquitoes are infesting the area.
The road has been around for centuries but has never been owned by the city.
"Through some anomaly the state owns the street," says Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz.
Because of that, it doesn't seem to be getting the same care as a typical Bronx street.
"It's third world here right now," says Councilman Andrew Cohen. "I don't know how deep this hole is behind us but it certainly at least 15 feet long."
Residents and local leaders want the city to buy the street from the state and start maintaining it.
"Here to call on the city Department of Transportation to expedite their review so that they can acquire the street," says Cohen.
Officials are recommending drivers and pedestrians avoid the area, especially with the expected snow this weekend.
A spokesperson for the city Department of Transportation tells News 12 The Bronx that it is looking into the matter.