Police: Windows smashed on 27 cars in East Meadow; suspect arrested

A total of 27 cars were damaged when a man went down an East Meadow street smashing windows early Thursday.
The trail of broken glass and damage happened along Cambridge Street and East Meadow Avenue around 8:30 a.m. near the East Meadow post office.
Police say they have arrested one individual in connection to the crimes.
Some neighbors believe the man could have been targeting postal employees since they park on those streets to get to work.
But residents who do not work for the post office were also affected.
"He had to be crazy - there is no other reason - what else makes a person smash people's cars for no reason," says Marcelo Villatoro.
Neighbors who witnessed the damage called police.
Villatoro says he saw the man get confronted by officers up the block and witnessed him getting arrested near a 7-Eleven.
"They got the guy," Villatoro says.