New COVID-19 rapid test allows patients to see results in 15 minutes

Pro-Health is rolling out a new rapid coronavirus test that will allow patients to see their test results in 15 minutes. 
The staff held a live demonstration of the test at its urgent care in Fort Hamilton Thursday. 
Health officials say the machine “Abbott ID Now” uses a quick, painless nasal swab to detect the active virus in patients. 
They say the rapid test will be especially useful for people who need fast results for work, school or other places that require a coronavirus test. 
"You want to hopefully come in, walk out that door 15 minutes later saying I'm not infectious, my child's not infectious, and they can go to school and we don't have to worry quite as much,” said Chief of Infectious Disease Daniel Griffin. 
Health officials say patients can book an appointment for the test but that walk-ins are also welcome.