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New plan to crack down on coal ovens for carbon emissions has business owners upset

The NYC DEP would require the installation of emission-control devices at any eatery that has used a wood or coal stove since 2016.

News 12 Staff

Jun 26, 2023, 9:16 PM

Updated 356 days ago


The Department of Environmental Protection has drafted a measure that calls for pizzerias that use coal fire and wood-burning stoves to upgrade their ovens to emit less fumes into the air.  
New York City’s pizzeria owners are up in arms at the change, not only for the financial investment they’ll need to make, but for the customers who enjoy their pizza that way.  
“It’s something that people love and appreciate,” said Carlos Santofimia, owner of Michael Angelo’s Restaurant. “They keep coming back for it.”  
The longstanding Bronx restaurant is one of the few in the Bronx that uses a coal-burning oven to make its authentic pizza.  
The NYC DEP would require the installation of emission-control devices at any eatery that has used a wood or coal stove since 2016.The city says their goal is to reduce carbon emissions from those restaurants by 75%.  
The DEP will be holding a hearing on the proposed rule on July 27 to inform New Yorkers about the new measure and get input from local businesses.  

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