New podcast allows kids to interview leaders in business, science

New York Edge, a local non-profit, has created a new podcast where city kids can interview leaders in business, science, the arts and more.
The podcast, “Formative,” launched its first episode this week featuring Bronx resident Kevin, a seventh-grader who interviewed Grammy-nominated artist, Kaitlin McGaw.
“I'll probably become a reporter, I feel like I'm a natural, at least some of my teachers say that,” the student reporter says. “The way she helped other people and gave other people chances to make a difference; she makes music that inspires other people to not give up.” 
Kevin is just one of six New York City students who are conducting interviews for this 10-episode podcast. He tells News 12 that this is an amazing way to meet and learn from people in different professions.
“It’s fun, I get to meet new people, even if I'm stuck on who this person is, there's other teachers that are interested in this and can help me with questions,” Kevin says.
 Season 2 of Formative is already in the works with a new set of city kids who will serve as interviewers.