New political movement could shake up 2024 presidential election

The No Labels Movement's goal is to bring Democrats and Republicans face-to-face to work together.

News 12 Staff

Jul 28, 2023, 12:03 AM

Updated 296 days ago


With the 2024 presidential election 15 months away, a new political movement is looking to shake up the race for the White House. 
The group calls themselves the No Labels Movement, with the goal of bringing Democrats and Republicans face-to-face to work together. The movement has been around for over a decade and has garnered lots of attention, as they are floating the idea of running a presidential ticket in 2024. 
“Really, what we’ve been trying to do this whole time is provide a voice for the common sense majority in the country,” said Ryan Clancy, chief strategist for No Labels and a Brooklyn native. “Why is it that we are accepting that the election we're probably going to get, which is a rematch of 2020, is an election that two-thirds or more of the country doesn't want?”
The group held a town hall event last week co-headlined by Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, which only further fueled speculation around the movement’s potential presidential ticket – especially with their recent funding success. 
"Not only is the donor base bipartisan, where it goes is bipartisan. So, if you look at how we have supported members of Congress in previous election cycles, it is almost 50/50 down the line,” said Clancy. 
Political expert Dr. Christopher Malone says that the current political landscape is setting itself up for a central movement to make noise. 
"We're in a deep era of polarization - and that opens up an opportunity for a centrist candidate,” said Malone. 
Clancy says that there are no concrete plans to run any Congressional candidates in the 2024 election, and that they will decide to nominate a ticket or not for the presidential election before next April.

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